Hypertrophy Max Review

A complete review of Hypertrophy Max.

I’ve a chance to look over the Hypertrophy Max program and review it more extensively since it first came out.  Hopefully this will provide a more detailed account of what you get if you choose to invest in this bodybuilding program.

Let’s first talk about the authors/creators behind this product:

Vince Delmonte is probably best know for creating No-Nonsense Muscle Building.

Vince Delmonte
Vince Delmonte

This is a program I would recommend for beginners who are trying to put on muscle.  Vince went from weighing around 150 lb to 190 lb in a relatively short period of time.  To put things in perspective, he went from doing marathon running to weightlifting and he was a young trainee.  Both of these were factors in his rapid gains, but what he accomplished in terms of hypertrophy (muscle/strength increase) is impressive nonetheless.

Vince has a lot of haters out there, so you’ll see some complaints about him on forums, etc.  But he’s always been a stand-up guy in his dealings with me–I think some people simply criticize anyone who is successful.

Ben Pakulski is a well-known competitive bodybuilder.

Ben Pakulski
Ben Pakulski

His physique is massive–typical of the modern-day competitor.  But Ben is not a “meat head”:  you only have to listen to him once to realize he takes a very methodical, scientific approach to his training.  The instruction you get from him in the videos is like having a world-class hypertrophy coach as your training partner.

Now let’s talk about the overall philosophy behind Hypertrophy Max.  The idea behind this program is that there are a limited number of variables you can manipulate to get the most out of your training.

For example, one training variable you can manipulate is volume.  Going from a 5×5 program (five sets, five reps) to a 10×10 program (ten sets, ten reps), means you have just doubled your training volume.

Hypertrophy Max systematically manipulates and takes advantage of every training variable in order for you to build as much muscle and strength as possible.  One month, for example, will focus on volume training.  Another month will be density, and so on.

Let’s look at some of what you get when you order this program:

Monthly Training Guides (Printed): 

Training Guides
Training Guides

You’ll have a training guide mailed to you each month (the first month or two is downloaded–the rest are sent to you).  This printed material will guide you through that particular phase of workouts, etc.  These include workout sheets so you can keep records of your sets, reps, poundage, and other details to track your progress through the program.  They mention supplements, but I’d recommend just sticking with the basics (protein, creatine monohydrate, fish oil, etc.).


Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

The videos are arguable the most important (and valuable) aspect of Hypertrophy Max.  These videos are very well done, and it’s kind of like having world-class trainers as your personal coach (at a fraction of the cost).  They will show you the exact workouts you’ll need to be doing for that particular phase of HMax.  They will also go into great detail about the rationale of each phase–explaining why you are lifting/training a certain way and what the benefits will be.

Hypertrophy Max Members-Only Forum:

HMax Forum
HMax Forum

This exclusive forum is only available to those who have invested in this program.  You can talk with other members and get specific advice on different aspects of training and nutrition.  You can also share your progress pictures and talk about motivational things to keep you going.  There’s even a section for contest preparation, which would be great for those who are serious about competing in bodybuilding shows.  I also noticed a section for older trainees (over 40).  The forum is a great way to interact with other members without the spamming and trolling you may get on a free forum.


Let me start by saying who this program is not for:

Beginners:  I don’t think Hypertrophy Max would be a good starting place for guys who are walking into the weight room for the first time.  This is an advanced program–not something for newbies.  If you brand new to lifting weights I’d recommend you start with something like No-Nonsense Muscle Building.  Use that to build your foundation, then come back and visit this page in a year or so.

Now I’ll get to who this program is recommended for:

Intermediate/Advanced Trainees:  Hypertrophy Max is primarily for guys/girls who have been training and want to explore every possible technique for overcoming size and strength plateaus.  It would be a good investment if this describes you.

Competitive Bodybuilders or Fitness Models:  This is another type of trainee that I think would benefit from this program.  Those who are committed to the level of entering a competition would do well to have this kind of training information to implement.

Here’s one final thought: this program is for serious trainees only.  The advanced technique are not easy, and you should be prepared for some seriously hard workouts if you join the Hypertrophy Max program.

I hope this review has helped you.  Just click here if you are interested in ordering Hypertrophy Max or learning more.